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DSH International Mold Co., Ltd

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F610, Building  Taiyi, Haicheng road, Xixiang Street,

Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, 

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86-189 4872 8752
86-136 8269 8852

DSH Global Parts Machining Co., Ltd

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BuildingB, No.68, Junma road, Xinmalian Community,

Dalang Town,  Dongguan city, Guangdong province, 

China 523797

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Welcome to DSH company. DSH is able to provide high quality products with cheapest price and the on time delivery. Our services cover the following field. 

DSH  International  Mould Co., Ltd

DSH Global Parts Machining Co., Ltd

DSH would like to keep on thinking and solving problem from the customer’s point of view and try to provide customers with products of high quality and lowest price. We hope to establish a long-term win-win cooperative relationship with our esteemed customer and help them with their demand for excellent product research and development and mass production.

Injection mould

CNC parts processing

CNC parts processing

CNC parts processing

CNC parts processing